Your Father Doesn’t Need to Know

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What have we done… We can never take that back. I thought it was your father the whole time! Oh God. Those things you did to me… your step mother. You watched me through the door with him, getting undressed, kissing him… then he put the blindfold on me. If he hadn’t left me to go answer his work call… you wouldn’t have secretly come into the room and – Oh dear, you saw your step mother do such dirty things! How long did you stand over me before I heard you breathing so hard? Stroking your young cock as I pressed the vibrator against my pussy.

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Oh dear, then I touched you! I touched my step son’s throbbing cock. I should have known, it didn’t feel like your father’s. It was… sooo much harder. You should have stopped me when I pulled you down on top of me, when I wrapped my legs around you, begging you to rub my pussy. If only my blindfold had fallen off before I ripped my pantyhose open and had you fuck me!



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