Vengeful Ex Turns You into a Woman

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You couldn’t resist her, even now that you knew the score. You were sliding into her vengeful trap, and there was no turning back. You should have seen it coming, when your ex girlfriend first texted you out of the blue. She just wanted to be ‘friends’, to help you with your marital problems. It was all a ruse to get in close, when the wife wasn’t home, when you would be completely susceptible to her advances. A willing victim of her revenge. But such sweet revenge it was. Everything about your ex was inviting – you were so ready to taste her again. If only you hadn’t taken a swig from her flask… Almost immediately you could feel its effects: uninhibited, uncontrollable lust for HER. She fueled a fire in your loins. Her voice lowered to a whisper, on and on she went about much she missed your cock… how much she wanted to fuck you again. Her thick thighs wrapped around you, and your eight inch dick hardened. Then something else happened. Your skin felt softer… your facial hair was disappearing. She smiled devilishly, caressing your creamy new skin. It was her… she was changing you, physically.

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And it got worse the more turned on you were. She giggled, knowing just how in control she was, and how helplessly horny you were. Your ex would have immense fun while you slowly lost your adam’s apple and your chiseled muscles… to a softer, curvier frame. You were turning into… a WOMAN. She would suck your massive cock until you had tits as big as hers, lips as pink and plump, and hair as fair. Her mouth clamped around your aching manhood, sucking and licking away until you quickly blew your load. Twice. You could stop all of this if only you could resist her… if you could just ignore your needy cock! But it wouldn’t matter soon… your ex would mount that throbbing rod, taking him deep into her tight cunt, bouncing up and down on it until there was nothing left to fuck. Eight inches… seven inches… six inches… this was it, the last time you’d ever cum inside of a woman. And your ex would relish every moment of it.



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