Swapping Bodies with My Hot Aunt 2

Posted in Xev Bellringer  by Jonny


Everything changed when Aunt Xev used that magic necklace to swap our bodies the other day. I’m stuck in her mature, feminine figure and she’s in my hormone ridden boy’s body. I just never thought I’d lose my virginity in a woman’s body… much less with my Aunt! It was weird and unexpected, but I think. I really liked getting fucked by my own cock. It all happened so quickly, my best friend came over for some drinks I bought with my Aunt’s adult body and we got tipsy. Next thing I knew, he was fondling my big tits…and it was turning me on. Then all of a sudden I heard my Aunt come into the house! There’s no way she could know I was showing her tits to my friend. As soon as I hid him in the closet, Aunt Xev came into the room… then it all happened. I’m sure he heard everything.

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