Husband Records Unfaithful Wife

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Shhh, we don’t want to wake up my husband. You must be pretty surprised to see me down here alone, dressed like this in the middle of the night. I just haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. I was so excited when my husband told me you were visiting that I even had a naughty dream. Yes, I… gave you a blow job in it… and it was really good. I can’t let those fantasies keep building, so I thought why not just come down here while my husband is asleep and take care of you. Don’t think about it like you’re betraying your friend, it’s more like you’re making his wife happy. But he doesn’t need to know. No, I really don’t think he’s the type to set up a hidden camera… Little did Xev know, her husband did in fact suspect her of unfaithful behavior. He set up a motion sensor recording device aimed at the guest’s bed in anticipation of witnessing his wife committing adultery. Now, let me take off your shorts and get your relaxed. That’s better, how bad could a blow job really be? But I’m going to have to insist on swallowing your load, I have a deep need to taste you tonight, so you better be ready to cum in my mouth.

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