Step-Sister Humiliating Beat Down & Jerked in Your Pants

Posted in The Venus Girls  by Martin

STEP-SISTER LIKES TO BEAT DOWN STEP-BROTHER AND MAKE HIM CUM IN HIS PANTS. She gets her camera out and records the little bitch boy getting beat-up by his Sister and is going to send it to all the girls at school. I’ll show them your little head being squeezed by My Strong Thighs. She traps his head between her legs and spanks his puny ass. When She makes his hiney red and gets turned on, cumming all over his head. Now she’s going to make his face as red as his hiney. “My nice Strong Thighs can crush your little raisin head.” You face belongs stuffed in My SHINY PANTS COVER ASS. I’m going to make your silly cock come all over inside your pants. I will make you fill your pants with all your cum, JUST FOR ME. Ahh, look at that! You wet your pants.

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