Fuck mommies stockings

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JUNIOR HAD TO STAY PUT IN MOMMIES BATHROOM UNTIL SHE GOT HOME FROM A NIGHT OF FUCKING. She sticks her sweaty dirty feet in his mouth while telling about all the big loads She got in her pussy and ass. She takes off his chastity belt and starts kicking his insignificant cock. Wrapping his balls in his leash she make makes him smell the cum in her dirty cum filled pussy. Then since Mommies in such a good mood, she lets him stick his penis between her stockings and fuck her legs. Not letting him cum or without her permission. “Mommie must be feeling generous, letting you stick that pathetic thing between her legs. The stockings make your penis hurt, don’t they junior.” She makes him keep fucking her stockings while she Smokes a cigarette, ashing on him and reminding him of what a cigarette feels like on a cock. She makes him fuck between her stocking feet but not cum until She gives permission. He cums on her feet and Mommie is disgusted. He has to clean it and put his cum where it belongs, in the toilet. – ONE OF THE BEST MOST DEMANDING BRITISH STEP-MOMMIES

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