55 Minutes of NO

Posted in Tease and Thank You  by Jonny

It’s a common request for a girl like me to receive, a boy saying something like: “I want the longest tease and denial EVER” or “I wanna be kept on edge for HOURS.” The problem being that boys, in the privacy of their homes, are free to email me while their cock is in their hands. Meanwhile, this clear-thinking, capable domme is reading your message, and realizing you need to be taught a once-in-a-lifetime LESSON. Once my inescapable straps are locked, forcing your neck and wrists back awkwardly, trapping your immobile waist, so that it hurts to struggle, so you can’t even twist – you get your lesson. A full hour (no editing tricks – A FULL HOUR) of being edged, stupid boy. Hope you wanted what you thought you wanted.

WMV ` 720×480 ` 00:55:16 ` 635 Mb

Download: Part 1 | Part 2

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