Competitive Challenge

Posted in Steve Wrestling Adventure  by Jonny

This is a very competitive match between our new recruit, AXA JAY ( 5’5 – 145 lbs ) and Steve. This is a very high-paced, intense and sweaty submission match. Steve is not willing to submit easily, but Axa uses her experience and strength to force him to! This match is very intense with both wrestlers vying for position. Submissions are won using a variety of holds including: Sleepers, Figure-4 headscissor, Leglocks, smothers, multiple pins , arm bar and more! Although this match is hard fought, there is one clear winner at the end! Axa Jay is fun to watch and we can see how strong she is as she has no problem tossing Steve around ! Overall she has a very good technique but what makes her a tough opponent is that she LOVES taking on guys and just go for it !! This is a must-see for anyone who enjoys competitive matches!

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