Wife Wants Your Brother

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I have a suprise for you tonight! A big surprise. Gosh look at you! I don’t even know if I should tell you now. It looks like the suspense is getting to you. I went out and bought some nice lingerie. Do you like it? Well, that’s not the surprise, and I didn’t buy it with you in mind so don’t get your hopes up. Do you remember when we got married? You promised me that I could do whatever I want… with other men. I know, I havn’t really rested you on your promise to me. But I’ve really been wanting to, and have finally decided, tonight is the perfect night. Can you guess who I invited over tonight? I bet you will never guess. You look so fucking nervous and you should be. Tonight… I invited over… your brother! Yes! Stop it, quit whining. You said any guy and this is the one I want. No. Quit Complaining! You don’t get any say in this and my decision is final. Maybe if you had pleased me better I wouldn’t want your brother so badly. Do you know what I want to do with him? I’m gonna sit your brother down this evening. I’m going to unzip his pants, and I’m going to give him the best head he has ever had. I’m going to suck him like I’ve never sucked you. I’m going to lick up and down his shaft and milk every last drop of cum out of him. Do you want to know the best part? I’m going to make you watch. You’re going to sit there and listen to me moan with his cock in my mouth. He is going to get everything you’ve always wanted from me and you’re going to get nothing. I’m going to record everything I’m going to do. Whenever you forget your place, I’m going to make you relive every last moment of pleasure I give to your brother tonight. He is going to enjoy my mouth so much while you just sit there and stare. Now go in the living room and sit down. He will be here soon and I don’t want another word out of you.

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