Virgin Training: Just Hands

Posted in Princess Leia  by Jonny


Hi Daddy, can we talk? I’ve been having some… thoughts, lately. And, urges… I guess. Well, all my friends talk about are their boyfriends, and their… experiences… Daddy, I haven’t ever dated! I’m so clueless when my friends talk about all these boy things. What do I need to do? I’m pretty enough, right Daddy? You’re always telling me how pretty I’ve grown. So how do I get boys’ attention? I finally feel ready for a boyfriend, and I still don’t even know what to do if I got one! Can you teach me what boys want, Daddy? I’ll do everything you say. Please, Daddy, just a little bit? What if I just used my hands? Uhm! That way, it’s not so wrong, right?

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