My Brother Saw My Diary

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Dear Diary… I love my step brother so much. I can’t stop thinking about him. Is this normal? Do other people feel this way about their brothers? I’d do anything for him. I’d even… sleep with him. I know, I know I shouldn’t – that it’s wrong… OMG, Big Brother! You aren’t supposed to be in my room- hey, give that back! That’s my personal journal! How could you – did you see anything? Stop reading! I… of course I wasn’t serious with what I wrote… Well, maybe I was… What, you feel the same way? Y-yeah, I do like you. Were you watching me earlier? I can tell you’re hard for me. I wear these short shorts just for you. Just to see you stare. Would you let me see it? You want me to strip for you? Sure, I’d love to. Just make sure no one finds out about this. It’ll be our little secret. I love you so much!

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