Lesbian Sisters Blackmailed

Posted in Princess Leia  by Jonny


Oh man, I can’t believe my eyes. Both of my sisters! Doing… It?! Mom and Dad would flip so bad if they found out. No one really needs to know a thing, though, right? Wow, my cock is so fucking hard watching them. I can use this to my advantage. They’ve always listened to me, so I know I can control them. There’s really nothing stopping me. They’ll never be able to refute video evidence… hah! And I can’t imagine it will be difficult to sway Leia. She’s always into it. She may want pussy now, but I know that slut loves taking cock. Even her brother’s, she won’t be able to resist. As for Xev, she seems to be letting Leia take the lead. She’s new to girls, so she’s probably new to big guys like me. I can show my slutty sisters what they’re missing. They both know I always get what I want.

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