Mine to Use

Posted in Obey Nikita  by Jonny


My slaves know they are mine to use, but I do enjoy reinforcing their status as objects for my amusement from time to time. Fortunately, I have the perfect platform to bind my toy to so I can torment it with my nails and leather at my whim. I was feeling generous so I removed its blindfold so it could see my freshly manicured long red nails poking out from my arm length fingerless leather opera gloves. Of course, those same nails went down its throat and deep into its pee hole. It gets scratched, prodded, slapped and cropped before I allow it to spurt on my tight leather leggings. Now, lick it all up, bitch-boi!

MP4 ` 1920×1080 ` 00:10:34 ` 460 Mb



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