You Always Cum WAY too Fast

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My dear, sweet man… you know that I love you. You know that I love your cock. But we have a major problem… and you know it. You’re a premature ejaculator. You come way too damn fast, baby, and I don’t get the chance to get off before your cock goes soft. It’s a problem. I’m going to teach you, starting tonight, how to control yourself. I’ve spent lots of time catering to your fantasies, dressing up, roleplaying things that get you hot… all to end up with three-to-five thrust fuck sessions that end as soon as they begin. You know I’m not satisfied… how can that be okay with you? You’re hard right now aren’t you? Are you even listening to me? This is exactly what I’m talking about… you’re going to yank out that big hard cock and NOT cum tonight while I scold and tease you, finger myself, spread my pussy apart so that you can see how pink and wet it is… wink my tight little asshole at you to make your cock twitch extra fucking hard… yeah baby, I know what you like.

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And tonight… I’m going to do it all – but you don’t get to cum. You don’t get to come anywhere near emptying your balls. Stop stroking it so hard or you’ll cum right now… Hold your cock out for me to see – hold it up hard and straight but don’t jerk it – I want to look at it while I finger myself… dip my fingers deep into my slurping cunthole while you show me that beautiful cock… If only you didn’t cum so damn fast. Because of that, you’re banned for cumming until you can control yourself in a sexual situation. You have to control yourself right now, watching me closely with your throbbing dick… aww, what’s the matter honey? Does your cock need a little attention? Mmm-hmm… let me lick it a little, suck it a little, swish it around my tongue a few times and watch it spring right back to attention… ready to cum. Stop stroking! Pace yourself. You are NOT going to cum tonight. You’re going to watch me, tonight and every other night this week, get off in all kinds of ways; you’re going to hold your cock, stroking it when I tell you and stopping when I say… for an entire week. Learn to control your cum, baby… it’ll be the best nut you ever had. But not tonight… now shut up and watch me.



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