Smokin’ & Strokin’

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It’s our first date, and, judging from the feel of your cock in my mouth, things are going well. Right before we take this action upstairs, I’d like to have a quick smoke. What? I can’t smoke in your house? That’s weird… I mean, you don’t even know me – and I’m sucking your cock – so are you really not going to let me smoke? Really? Okay fine… then I’m not fucking you. And I think I’ll just go ahead and smoke that cigarette anyway; what are you going to do… kick me out? Please! I have your cock in my hand and it’s hard as a rock… we both know I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to smoke this whole cigarette – stinking up your house and using your chest for an ashtray – while I suck and stroke your cock, making sure that you can’t protest too much. I blow smoke on your dick, alternate sucking my cigarette and your cock, and eventually make you spill your load right into my waiting, smoke-filled mouth.

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