Huge Balls Painful Milking

Posted in Mistress Ezada  by Jonny

My slave’s balls are extremely big. Maybe it’s time to empty them. Especially after the cock whipping, maybe he deserves some pleasure. Not that he could oppose in any way, being wrapped in black saran, with his hands tied up to the ceiling. His very hard cock is almost ready to explode after several touches of My pink stiletto nails. I get him to the brink of orgasm and leave him there, several times. This is fun, but it can be even more fun if I slap his cock when he is most close to orgasm. I can literally hear his disappointment and frustration in those moments. Finally, when he’s already desperate and not believing he will be allowed to have an orgasm, I bring him to the edge of orgasm again and cross him over, slapping his cock while it splurts loads of cum in all directions. Now he’s had his orgasm, but was it pleasant? I don’t really know, but some post-orgasmic cock over-stimulation can never hurt.

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