Wrapped and Strapped Video

Posted in Miss Hybrid  by Jonny

I received an email from this young man, resulting in me summoning him to attend an evaluation session. He wanted some sensual tie and tease, to discover what turned him on. I commanded him to undress so I could look him up and down. I wrapped his torso in industrial pallet wrap and got to work. I hovered my pussy over his face, nope, not much response. I brushed my huge tits against his body, a little more interest. I blindfolded him and to my delight discovered he enjoyed sucking my black dildo. His tongue shot out and I had to forcibly withdraw it from his mouth as he sucked on it with much vigor. That old chestnut, I was forced to do it! It works a treat everytime! Next session it won’t be a flesh like object but real skin! If you are summoned to me, expect nothing less than the real thing! Now where did I put Felix?

MP4 ` 1920×1080 ` 00:31:40 ` 690 Mb

Download: Part 1 | Part 2

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