Showing Daddy’s Boy How to Handle Game Birds

Posted in Miss Hybrid  by Jonny

Yesterday I was very busy with a shooting lesson. Ruprick is a daddy’s boy and still lives at home with his father who is a randy old bugger, a real ladies man. Ruprick senior, asked me if I could show his son the ropes with game birds. His Father said he had never done it before and thought I would be perfect to guide him. I was flattered to be asked, so I decided to take him in hand. He came, fully equipped. He seemed to get the hang of it straight away. He showed great hand, eye co-ordination. He had so much fun, he wants to come again and bring a few of his chums. Ruprick senior, called me later to see how junior had done. I told him that he was a little nervous at first but was fine once he got his grip and swing sorted. Then he asked how many cartridges did he fire and did he manage to hit the target. My stuttered reply was ‘errrr, quite a few and yes’…

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