Hold the Camera while I Grip Your Throbbing Shaft with My Leather Gloved Hand

Posted in Miss Hybrid  by Jonny


When you are alone in your hotel room, instead of switching the porn channels on, call me and switch the camcorder on instead. I’ll meet you in the bar. I will be wearing leather gloves, leather thigh thigh boots and a low cut dress with my huge tits spilling out. After a couple of glasses of Chablis, we’ll go back to your room. I had my cock meat to do his best to film this clip, as a spur of the moment piece of fun. The skill wasn’t in the camera production but in the content which shows my leather gloves wanking his very thick cock empty. I just loved licking the jizz from my gloved fingers. If you think you can film it better, let’s see how steady your grip is whist I am on the other end of your hard cock.

MP4 ` 1920×1080 ` 00:07:35 ` 171 Mb



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