Step Sis Wants Your Virginity

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Your step sister stumbles into your bedroom in the middle of the night. She wants to sleep in your bed because her friend Gina isin hers. Luckily your step sister is pretty cute when she’s tipsy. She doesn’t realize she’s pressed her cute little ass right into you… then your cock starts to stiffen. You can’t help it. You’re step sister is pretty hot and… you haven’t really been this close to another girl before. Your hard cock starts rising up in your shorts… pressing between her thighs and against her pussy. She doesn’t notice at first… or does she? She says she can’t sleep and wants to talk. So she rolls over and you try to hide your hard cock under the covers. She stats going on about the frat party she was at… sounds like a pretty crazy party. But then you let is slip… your big secret… you still have your V-Card. “You’re a virgin?!” Your step sister can’t believe that her little brother has never fucked a girl before. “Aww don’t be embarrassed. Girls love virgins. Sure they do! You know why? Because they get to have total control and do whatever they want with you. AAAAND whoever takes your virginity basically owns you forever! And anytime they need something… well your cock is gonna remember that sweet sweet first pussy and you’ll basically do anything for them… Little brother? I’m going to do you a favour. I’m going to take your virginity!”

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Before you knew it her clothes were off and her cute little fingers were wrapped around your cock. Your cock was so fucking hard you couldn’t even think straight. You couldn’t stop her… not that you wanted to. But she convinced you… she was the only person who should take your virginity. She climbed up on top of you and slid your bare cock against her wetness. “Are you ready?” The walls of her pussy squeezed your cock as you entered her… sending shivers down our spine as she moaned. Then she fucked you silly until she came… sliding you out of herself she stroked and sucked your cock… wanting to see and taste your cum. You couldn’t take it anymore… the smell of sex in the air… the sight of your step sisters wet little pussy. You came harder than you ever have… and you were no longer a virgin.



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