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And when he comes over me and start to fucking me like that… hold my hands… I feel like… I can’t never escaped… I will feel his big black cock inside me forever! And making you watching it… all… all my pleasure! Does it make you jealous? But in the same moment so exited… holding your hard cock and stroking to seeing your lovely wife to fucking with the black man right front of you! That’s what the good cuckold husband have to do! But I want him more… still can’t have enough… I keep all the time my pantyhose… with he ripped of my pussy… to have space for his dick… so rock hard! He also love to feeling the white woman… to getting so juicy for him… so horny! I will goading… now… watch it… all that juice… my pussy juice is all over him. I want him… want that huge, black cock in me… Now… yeah… ohhh God! Now is your and his turn. I want to see you cum and feel my black lover cumming all over my pantyhose! So warm! Yeah… that was just so great! You know… once you try the black… never you go back… they say! And honey… I have to say… I have not enough! I want to fuck the big, black cock again! But that time I want you here! I want you close to me… to be there when I having big, black sausage!



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