You Cross the Line!

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What is going on?! Why did you call me to come urgently home from work? What?! Seriously, are you kidding me? I was sick worry that something happened to you and you just want me to watch some video? You must be joking. I do not have time for this! What do you mean… I will change my mind if I know what is the video all about! Let me see it then! What the hell… where… how did you… where did you find this! Are you completely mad?! Are you going to blackmail me with this! That’s sick! No, please don’t… I don’t want you father to know about that! Even if this all was happened when I was young and I didn’t know your father… I don’t want that he knows about this party sex orgy! Well… did you watch it all! That’s so pervert! Watching your stepmom do fucking around! And now… what do you want from me?!

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No… I’m not going to do that with you! No… I just can’t! Don’t talk to your step-mother like that! You have no rights to be with me like that! Please no… I do not have any other choice then to do what you want! Oh my God… I don’t believe you… alright… what you want! To stripping for you… to show you my breast… well… that can hurt! What! No… I can give you a hand job or suck your cock! Ohhh… no… please! I do it, but it must all stay just our secret! And now what… aren’t you finish with your pervert games yet! You what… you want to fuck me… you always wanted and you just find the perfect blackmailing reason why you make me do that, right! Fine… do what you want… fuck me from behind or how you want to… I have no choice here! But when this is all over… I want to make a deal wit you!



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