Sweet Angel is Hungry for Your Semen

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Do you think, you are already to growing up… that you are big boy to having the perfect HALLOWEEN?! You are so wrong darling! This tradition we have to keep, but is not necessary you to go from house to house and collecting the candies! No for this you are really a big guy! There is something better for you… something more exited and waiting right here for you! This Halloween will be so much different for you… now I’ll be the one collecting something sweet… special candy for the ANGEL like me… your sweet, tasty cum! So?! Why don’t you come close and let me make this Halloween unforgettable for you! Do you like my costume? I see… you do! You pants are getting tighter and tighter… come here honey… let me suck your swollen cock with the passion with a lots of tongue play… licking and sucking all your cock, play with your balls and making you feel my pure, white gloves all over your dick! And keep sucking and teasing your cock. Now is so sensitive… pumping with the every single touch of my lips… every single lick by my tongue! Time for my sweet candy… give it to me… give your angel all sweetness for your cock… cum in my mouth. I’ll swallow all your semen… so tasty! I could never have enough of your cum! So baby… saying that the Halloween is nothing for the big boys like you would be SUCH A MISTAKE! HAPPY HALLOWEEN BABY!

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