Mommy’s Secret Night Oral Pleasure!

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My baby boy, are you sleeping? Oh… mommy is so sorry to wake you, but… your father just feel a sleep now and mommy will think of you so much! I missed you all day. I can’t help my self baby boy. I need you, feel you. Oh really… you been just dreaming of me and that’s why you start to getting hard… mmm… you know mommy love it! Let mommy blow you baby. Just playing and teasing your beautiful cock. Yeah… mommy knows what you love! And now… this night is our, but we must be quite baby, not to wake up your father. Ohh sure, you know mommy love to feel you, sucking your balls and licking all your nice and swollen cock. And when you cum… so tasty so young… mmm… just lovely. I wish to have this kind of night secrets more and more often baby boy!

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