You Better Cum or I will Blow it Off

Posted in Jerky Wives  by Jonny


I have a surprise for you. Guess who stopped by this evening after I came home? Your girlfriend does not have a watch. She does not know what time I come home? I have an ultimatum for you. You better cum for me or I will blow it off. All those trips to the range taught this girl how to use this. You never give me sex anymore so why should your girlfriend get any? I will give you a ten second count down to cum for me. I will start at ten and you better cum when I hit zero. If not… I will blow it off. I have no use for “IT” anyway. You do not have much time left. 10… 9… 8… almost there… 1… 0!!! What a good boy you are. Now that you know I am serious is that slut coming over anymore? I did not think so. Go clean up and delete her from your phone. You know what Miss Cory will do if I catch you cheating again.

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