The Annoying Yankee

Posted in Jerky Wives  by Jonny

Maids Cory and Tatiana only want to work hard and make some money. This annoying Yankee only wanted to abuse the girls and not pay them. Cory and Tatiana are there to work. The girls can no-longer take the advances from the Annoying Yankee and handcuff him to his chair… pull down his pants… and painfully stroke his cock. He is now to pay for this harassment. Cory pulls his cocks and manages to scratch his dick. This annoying loser cannot even get hard. He has two beautiful women stroking his cock and he is still limp. The loser finally manages to pull a minor boner… but the girls force him to cum on his mothers cookies. He is then forced to smell the ruined cookies! The girls are not finished with him… they put out the cookies for his mother to eat and leave him cuffed to the chair. Good little Cuckold!

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