Nude Mixed Humiliation Match JC vs Bo

Posted in Girls Grappling  by Jonny

This match is pure humiliation. Bo has come to avenge his fraternity brother Lance’s embarrassing defeat by female grappling champion JC Simpson. Bo is a very skilled wrestler and expects to teach JC a lesson but she brings brutalizes him. She lifts him easily over and over then slams him to the mat, at about 6′ tall its a long drop to the mat and Bo quickly changes his mind about the match. JC is MERCILESS, putting him in crushing scissor holds between lifts and slams, Bo starts to wine and almost seems ready to cry from pain and humiliation. He tries desperately to escape only to be lifted by his throat and slammed again. This is an unbelievable display of strength and brutality be JC.

MP4 ` 1280×720 ` 00:11:46 ` 265 Mb


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