Throat Fuck The Lazy

Posted in Ella Kross  by Jonny

I’ve asked my useless worker to come into my office. Lately, he’s just wasting my time, doing only crappy work. Today he wasn’t punished enough for his laziness, so it’s time for me to change things up. I make him take off his shirt and kneel in front of me. I will give him a lesson that he won’t forget. Yes, I will fuck his mouth with my strap-on, Without mercy. I know he’s never done it before and that he’s scared, but I don’t care. I’m concerned only with what I Want. Today he is my whore, and I’m gonna shove my cock deep into his throat! He wants to keep his lousy job, so he lets me face fuck him until he can’t take it anymore and pukes all over the floor! Now he has to lick it clean, because I want my floor shiny! You useless worker, maybe now he’ll make more effort to do his job better!

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