Cum for Us or Be Punished!

Posted in Ella Kross  by Jonny

With fellow dominatrix Anna Myst by my side we enjoy a gorgeous day in my back yard and summon a slave for a bit of twisted fun. We make him take his pants down and laugh at his tiny excuse for a cock, unable to believe how pathetic this loser`s dick is. “We want to see it hard,” we say as we have him jerk-off for us, giggling while he tugs himself erect yet still fails to impress us with his cock size. “You should cum for us,” Anna orders as we watch him stroke his tiny dick. If doesn`t blow his load for us then we have a big surprise for him, and we reveal what it is as we reach for a massive strap-on cock. He better cum by the time we count to ten or we`ll be jamming it into his tight asshole and fucking this loser without mercy! Will he shoot his cum for us or will we have to punish him? Watch and find out!

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