Paulas Pecker Boys Audition

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Paula is an adventurous lady who employs a number of male servants to cater to her and her female friends when her husband is out of town. She insists that her “pecker boys”, as she calls them, do whatever she and her female friends tell them to do while they work totally nude and with continuous erections.
Today, Paula has invited several of her younger female friends over to pass on her knowledge of how easy it is to control a naked man and to help with the auditioning of three new males to see if they qualify to join her personal “pecker boy” harem. Paula asks the assistance of Matt, one of her long trusted pecker boys known for his big dick and ability to keep a stiff hard-on all afternoon to help demonstrate her “rigid” requirements.
Paula’s young female guests are impressed with Matt, not only with his long stiff cock swinging wildly back and forth, but his obedience and devotion to Paula. She directs Matt to bring out the new candidates and once before her and the girls Paula explains what’s expected of them and immediately tells the boys to take off all their clothes, everything!
Paula is a very strong in contol woman who knows what she wants and refuses to settle for anything less. Can these naked males measure up to her demanding standards?

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