Secretary Alina Blows His Mind Away

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Secretary Alina has come home. Her slave arrived before from the office and he had to lay down on the sofa and wait for his Mistress. Now she is standing there in front of him in white blouse, black skirt, sheer pantyhose and those high heels that make her long legs endless long. She has put on some leather gloves and the slave knows what this means – she is in a dominant mood. Without hesitation Alina sits down on her slave’s chest and relaxes. She looks down at his face and then she slowly opens her blouse, showing us her sexy bra. The goddess places one hand on his manhood and rubs it through the trousers. Then she opens his fly and with her gloves the kneads his cock and balls in his pants. Slowly she fetches his dick and rubs it with her hand and then she sits down right on his genitals.

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The slave groans and Alina shakes her bottom on his pelvis. Alina stands up again and now she sits down right on her slave’s face. You can hear him breath hard under her ass but the Mistress doesn’t care and continues rubbing his cock. Once more she stands up and walks towards his feet. She lifts his legs and with a strong hitch she pulls him towards her so that he’s in the perfect position. Alina kneels down and then she licks his cock. The slave moans – “Will she really give me a blowjob today?” Yes she will and she is in the perfect mood to give him a blowjob that he will never forget. Full of passion, joy and playfulness. With those little mean moments like biting, spitting, busting or edge play. Simply Alina! We have placed 5 cameras around the scene – 2 of them focus only Alina’s gorgeous mouth giving us some full screen views of her long tongue playing with her slave’s penis top or licking it like ice cream. You will be so close when she almost swallows his cock, when she teases and rubs it with her wonderful lips or when she bites it with her teeth. For almost 20 minutes Alina gives him the perfect blowjob. Several times he is close to shoot out his cum, but Alina knows exactly how to keep him on the edge without allowing him to cum too quickly. Then the time has cum when she wants to tease his cum. With quick movements of her tongue right on the most sensitive spot she takes him closer and closer to his climax. He moans and Alina is full of anticipation. Smilingly and demandingly she makes him totally crazy and then he shoots out a big stream of cum. Alina keeps on licking his ejaculating glans, teasing his sperm and playing with it with her tongue. Thoroughly she plays with his cum.



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