Sugar Daddy Gets Milked by Bratty Babe

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Cali Carter binds her sugar daddy with industrial pallet wrap. She knows she can do whatever she wants to him. Cali grinds her hips against her sugar daddys thigh. She stands to oil her beautiful butt. Her sugar daddy gets very hard. Cali knows that she can get anything she wants. Cali tells her sugar daddy that she wants more bikinis. She lists all the bikinis she expects to receive as she wets his dick. Cali strokes the wet cock. She wants several items. Everything must be matching. Cali wants every girl to be jealous of all the things she has. She doesn’t care if the slave has to go to fifteen different stores. Cali wants what she wants. The sugar daddy asks if Cali has to have every color. He is so stupid! What a stupid question! Of course she has to have every color! A happy Princess means a happy daddy. If he wants to cum today hes going to have to get everything on Calis list. He promises to get Cali anything she wants. Cali rewards him with long sensual strokes. The sugar daddy is in ecstasy. Cali has him exactly where she wants him. Cali pulses the rock hard cock in her palm. So youre going to get me what I want? She asks. No, the sugar daddy replies. You can’t have so many. Cali raises her voice. She tells it exactly how its going to be. Cali is going to get whatever she wants. She milks the sugar daddy’s cock until it says, Ill get you whatever you want. Cali keeps milking him. She tells it that she is really excited to go shopping. Cali makes tight circles around the cocks shaft. Shes going to milk whatever she wants right out of him. Cali snaps her gum and shows her oiled butt as she teases the cocks head with her thumb. Cali milks a nice long orgasm out of her sugar daddy as she chants, spoil me. The cock drips its last drop as Cali readies herself to shop.

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