End of Shift Program Removes Erection

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It’s nearing the end of the cows shift on the milking bench. The end of the shift has always posed a particular problem for the teasers. It’s challenging to get the cow back into the chastity device once the erection is no longer needed. In the past, the teasers have used blunt objects like hammers and mallets. They’ve noticed, however, that these objects permanently damage the cow. Damaged cows are bad, because they produce less. Alexa and Amadahy decide to test an end of shift program thats been built into the software.

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The program begins with a series of incremental shocks, increasing in intensity. Before and after each shock is delivered, the erection level of the cow is monitored. Gradually, the erection is eliminated. Alexa and Amadahy test the programs efficacy by continuing to tease the cow with their asses while it is shocked. Amadahy reminds Alexa of safety first, she should never touch the cow while it’s being shocked above a certain voltage. The cow is electroshocked at a very high level of voltage for a prolonged period of time. The teasers observe its suffering without any interference. A lab assistant monitors the cows heart rate after all the shocks have been applied. Ultimately, Amadahy is not sure if the program is more effective for erection removal. It takes several minutes to run through the entire process. She decides to hook the cow back up to the electrodes and run it through again.


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