Restrained Ballbusting Attack

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Amadahy, Jenna, and Jennifer decide to tie up and ball bust the house pig. They tie the pig up against the kitchen island. Its not going anywhere! They have absolutely no reason to ballbust this particular pig, the trio of Princesses is just that sadistic and cruel. They tie the piggys little dick out of the way with a noose. The trussed up piggy is terrified. The sexy Princesses kick the pathetic pig with their tall black boots over and over again until piggy drops to the ground. The pig wont get up. Maybe its broken. Empress Jennifer gives the beast a stern talking to. It stands back up and assumes the kick-bag position. The Princesses wrap towels around the pigs legs to help hold the legs in place and keep it upright. With the reinforcements in place, Goddess Amadahy resumes kicking. The Princesses kick the piggy hard until the stuff coming from its openings starts staining their tights.

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