This Girl is Trouble

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Danielle has done it this time, she has been in trouble at college every week this term, but this time she has taken it to far, and principle is going to have to phone home. Danielle is devastated her parents will be so angry if they find out about all the trouble she has caused and will no doubt take away all her luxuries, Danielle is prepared to do anything absolutely ANYTHING to avoid that phone call to her parents. She steps into the principles office pleading and begging him not to call, but one step ahead of the game the principle, knowing Danielle’s behavior, has other tricks up his sleeve. He orders Danielle to enter, and drop to her hands and knees, she does so and he beckons her towards him. Principle tells Danielle if she does not want that call to be made she shall follow his orders and do exactly as he says, starting by removing his shoes and socks… do you think Danielle will play along nicely?

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