Stepmom Loves to Jerk and Carry

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The beautiful muscle bound Savannah calls Junior into the room. She wants to make sure his father has left. After all he can’t know the kind of dirty secrets that go on between his second wife and son. Savannah has this deep urge she can not quell. As soon as her husband leaves its her turn to have her way with Junior any way she sees fit. Today she wants him to strip naked and indulge in her fetish of picking him up and carrying him around. She picks him up in a fireman’s carry and begins deep squatting him. She sits down and cradles him into her lap. He can’t believe at how strong she is to be able to carry him around. She takes his hard cock and wraps it up in her bicep and starts flexing. It turns him on even more and his dick gets rock hard against her rippling muscles.

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