Nikki Cuckolds You and Makes You Serve an Alpha Couple

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Your girl Nikki has been telling everyone at the gym that you are a cuckold loser. She knows you are too much of a wimp to stop any real man from fucking your girl. She tells you to come to the gym after hours and when you walk in, you find her sucking the manager’s cock. She tells him “That’s him! Right there… my loser cuckold boyfriend!”. They both laugh at you. She shows you his cock and tells you how nice it is compared to yours. She tells him how she keeps you around to use like a maid, doing her dishes and cleaning her clothes. She tells you how much she loves sucking his cock… she loves sucking his cock so much that she decided that you are going to work at his gym… for free! She tells the gym manager that you are going to wash all the dirty towels and men’s jockstraps while shes home fucking the gym manager. She has also decided that the gym manager is going to move in with her. You are going to serve both of them, the Alpha Couple. She tells you to show him that you accept him as part of your new Alpha couple by kissing his feet. You are going to be serving them drinks in bed, driving them around, wash his clothes, and be his bitchboy too… she looks at you lustily “you are going to be our slave!” and then tells you that you are going to be her cumdumpster. In the end, she sucks his cock until he blows a big manly load.. she orders you to clean him up. That’s right, loser. She wants you to eat his cum!

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