Home Alone

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Hey baby… I have the house to myself, so let’s make a little noise. I bring you into my bedroom and have you take a seat while I start rubbing my tits. I guide your hands across my big breasts and it makes me moan. Today, I want you to rub, squeeze, and fuck my breasts. I pull down your pants and begin rubbing your hard cock. I lube it up with my mouth by sucking on your head, shaft, and balls. I then slide your wet dick between my tits with my small bra still on! I excitedly start bouncing my tits in your lap, enjoying the sensation of you cock between my huge, soft breasts. I take my bra off and fuck you with my tits some more, breathing heavy and moaning, and I beg you to lay me down, cover my boobs in lube, and fuck them hard. You drip lubricant on my nipples and begin rubbing it in which feels soooo good. My pussy is soaking wet while you start slipping your dick against my chest, and we start frantically fucking each other until you cum between my breasts. I lick up your cum and scoop it off my chest and into my mouth.

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