Forced Quadgasm

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Tiny Little Jerky Girl Logan has a boy wrapped from head to toe completely at Her mercy unable to move a muscle (except his penis lol) and She is going to spend 23 minutes making him suffer like no boy has ever suffered! Logan’s mission is to make him cum over and over again until his cock and balls are so sore that he wants to cry! She starts simple enough. She Strokes his cock with Her tiny right Hand and like most boys he cums immediately from Logan’s Jerking. His ordeal, however is just beginning! Logan then begins to suck his cock, then she sits on his face and makes him lick Her Cunt and Her Asshole which, of course, gets him so excited… he cums again! Logan brushes Her hair, shoves Her feet in his face, makes him lick Her toes and then starts sucking again. The boy assures Her that he won’t cum anymore, so Logan plants Her bum down on his face again and sure enough after a few minutes of tasting Hot Girl Cunt and Hot Girl Asshole he cums for a third time! Logan was actually only aiming for three Forced Ejaculations, but after the third his cock was so sore, that he called Her a Bitch… so, an angry Logan decided to Yank out a fourth load to punish him! That’s right, Logan pulls a fourth Forced Ejaculation out of the horrified boy! Logan smothers his mouth to silence his screams as the unbelievable and horrific fourth load is extracted. This boy will NEVER use the “B” word again!

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