Blasphemous Actions with Brother-in-Law

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I was looking for any excuse to get my sexy brother in law over to my house alone. My sister gave me a chair a long time ago and since I bought a new one today, its time to give my sis’s chair back to her an her sexpot of a husband. My sister always got the cute guys when we were in high school. She has a body that super model’s would envy and likes to rub it in my face that I always struggled with my weight. I do however have a great set of HH tits that have attracted my fair share of hot guys in my bed. The thing is my sister is quite a high maintenance bitch sometimes. I can see it wearing on my brother in law. I think its time I put a smile on his face with some good ol’ family love. What a great way to get her back for being such a bitch to both of us all these years. As my hunky brother was moving the chair outside I started to work my titty titillation magic. I told him how cute he is while making sure to bend over just enough to flash my soft flesh mounds for him. I made the suggestion of how blasphemous it would be to jack him off in the chair my sister gave me right before its taken back to their house. I didn’t have to say it twice before he planted his ass in the comfort seat and awaited the stroking.

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My sister liked to call me a slut in high school as well, well now I’m being a taboo slut with her husband. She would be livid if she knew my hands were wrapped around his big dick right now. I was already thinking of the many times our family gets together during the year for the holidays and how I was going to gave his dick in my grip at each one from now on. I stroked his shaft so good with my steady hands. My big soft titties engulfed his cock as I titty fucked him. His eyes were rolling back in his head. I loved making him feel this good. I want him to think of me next time he has to fuck my bitch of a sister. I let his see the beautiful pink pussy I would let him fuck eventually, but not today. Today is all about his pleasure. I want him to go home to my sister with a smile on his face and its there because of me. I stroked his perfect long cock until I milked every drop of cum from it. He gave it all to me. He let me take it from him. His nasty dirty cum shot straight out of his rock hard shaft for me. I can hardly wait to wrap my hands and my tight pussy around his cock next time we see each other. Oh wow, I just noticed we got his cum all over my sister’s chair. I will let her rack her brain trying to figure out how that stain got there.


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