Mistress Lauras Forced Multiple Milking of Disobedient Cock

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Mistress Laura is a complex woman. Her appearance is striking: she is nude wearing only elbow length shiny, black latex gloves. Her head is shaved bald and her eyes sparkle in anticipation. Even though she is a mature woman in her forties she has the body of a nubile twenty year old with tight abs and full breasts. Her big tits sport pierced nipples. Mistress Laura enjoys punishing her men. She especially gets off training her newer, younger slaves. Her newest trainee is a young man with an insatiable appetite for sex. She will teach him how to obey and cum on command. Mistress Laura starts by rubbing her shaved pussy with her gloved hand. She loves the way latex feels against her bare flesh. The slave cannot see as she rubs her cunt and firm breasts as he is bound with restraints, his dick hanging limply from a gloryhole. Mistress Laura applies lubricant to the dick with a paintbrush. The cock hardens in response to the brush strokes, veins bulging. “You like that?” she purrs and slaps the cock with the brush. The slave gasps in surprise from the pain. She slaps at the meatstick more with the brush. Then she dips the paintbrush in lubricant and leisurely paints the balls, down the shaft, to the dick head. She strokes the head with her gloved fingers, “You like that don’t you slave?” “I do Mistress Laura” is the muffled response. “Good things happen to good slaves.” She rubs one shiny finger up and down the shaft and coos, “Such a good little boy.” She plays with the head then gives it a hard slap. “You’re not enjoying that are you?” Mistress Laura grabs the dick and squeezes it so hard it bends just below the head appearing disjointed. The slave gasps, “Give me more pain.” She grants the request with more punishing blows and rough treatment. “Cum for me slave,” the slave boy obeys by showering sperm all over her bald head. “Is there more for me?” “Yes Mistress Laura,” is the humble reply. “Give it to me now!” Mistress Laura jerks on the dick as it offers up another bigger load onto her bald head. As she milks the cock dry seminal fluid runs down her round head onto her face. She ends the session with two hard slaps to the limp, defeated penis and the slave cries out in agony. She smiles as she rubs her cum covered gloved hands all over her mature tits.

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