The Last Handjob

Posted in Club Dom  by Martin

Mistress Allison is fed up with her slave’s endless masturbation. She has caught him jerking off for the last time. She has him tied to her bed with a ball gag in his mouth. She is going to castrate the horny bitch. A devilish thought crosses her mind. She is going to give this slut a chance to save his balls. She tells the slut that if he can resist cumming, she’ll spare his nuts. However, if she can make him shoot his loads, his balls are but a memory. Allison strokes his cock, getting it throbbing hard. The terrified slut doesn’t want to cum but he is not match for Allison’s soft and conniving hands. She pulls the cum right out of him. Then she picks up the castration tool. The slave’s screams make her laugh as she clamps the steel device onto his slutty balls.

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